For Our Campers

Additional Services at Camp

Transport - if you would prefer to have us pick up or drop off your dog right to your doorstep, we can do that. If you live within a 5 mile radius of our Camp,  we would be happy to transport your dog for you and save you the trouble of having to drive back and forth from the kennel. It is only $10 a trip (one way). Minimal additional charges would apply for longer distances. Pre-booking assures best availability. $10

Nature Walk - with acres of trails for walking, Angelic Tails is the perfect setting for energy-burning leashed walks with lots of new scents for our curious guests. Research shows that walking a dog can immediately lower stress levels and build confidence and a sense of security in an anxious dog. $3

Mini-Training - We would love to help your pup with learning or reinforcing  great behaviors. While they are here for Camp, we will work with them 1 on 1 with basic behavioral training. We offer two 15 minute sessions for only $10. Check with Laura for more details!