Frequently Asked Questions

Our facility is located on 10 beautifully wooded acres in North Oakland County, Oxford MI

Our Day Camp is open for drop offs & pick ups Monday - Thursday from 7am - 10am and again from 2pm - 6pm. The main office will be closed during the middle of the day from 10am - 2pm. No comings or goings during this time.

Absolutely. Our Retreat Center & Day Camp is temperature controlled for proper animal comfort levels to meet all seasonal requirements. To ensure your pet's comfort, we have an emergency generator to supply back up support in case it is ever required.

Morning check-in begins at 7 am and the good times start right away.! New friends continue to arrive throughout the day. We have 4 real outdoor fenced-in yards with shady spots and sunny spots, where the dogs get to run, chase each other, play tag , or just hang out on a sunny day. We also have indoor play yards filled with toys and balls and Frisbees and all kinds of fun things to play with. Dogs are grouped with like minded friends that share play styles, physical size, personality, and compatibility. We play, we may take rests (in the comfort of separate beds), we get snacks, we go outside, and we play some more. Sound like fun? It is!

That's an easy one. We have real fenced-in yards.....made of earth and grass and trees. We have lots of treed walking trails that we use for romping and running and hiking. The only concrete around here is indoors!

We keep play groups small and manageable, and we have loads of experience in Holistic dog health, group dynamics,  and positive reinforcement dog training and behavior.

Rabies certification is a State of Michigan requirement. DHLP is most commonly given by most veterinarians. Our Day Camp policy is that you do NOT update your Bordatella or Flu vaccine within 21 days of your pet's intended play day at Angelic Tails Kennel. We ask that any time you receive a vaccine, you bring a copy of your latest vet records in for our files.


We have created large open play areas for dogs to get together, socialize, and have a romping good time. If your dog has had past negative experiences with other dogs and feels threatened or scared to be around other dogs, we would be happy to work with you to devise a training plan that could be beneficial for your dog to overcome these issues. Unfortunately not all dogs are happy and comfortable playing within a group of dogs. We will definitely let you know if this is the case with your furry friend.

Yes, offer a VIP Frequent Camper Card to take advantage of cost saving opportunities! Our 10 visit card offers significant savings to the pay-as-you-go visit cost.

The most effective ways to reach us are via our website, email, or text. Due to phone limitations in the Retreat Center, we do not take direct phone calls. (Although we will certainly call you if there is an emergency with your dog.)  We would be happy to schedule an appointment with you in person to discuss your particular needs.

Cash, personal checks or PayPal.